Track Listing

  1. Spiritual Hunger
  2. Don’t Bury My Heart
  3. Timmy
  4. So Deep
  5. No Thunder, No Fire, No Rain
  6. Searching The Streets
  7. Carve You In Marble
  8. Water Into Wine
  9. Hyacinth
  10. Big Canoe
  11. Hole In My Heart
  12. Are We One Or Are We Two


Big Canoe is the 1986 solo album released by former Split Enz frontman Tim Finn. This album was the first time that Tim had worked with Split Enz co-founder Phil Judd since Judd left the band in 1978.

In interviews Tim has said that the idea was that he and Phil were intending on writing again, trying to recapture the magic of early Split Enz. Instead a lot of drinking happened, but Phil was still commissioned to play guitar.