Escapade - Tim Finn

By Tim Finn

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Track Listing

  1. Fraction Too Much Friction
  2. Made My Day
  3. Not for Nothing
  4. In a Minor Key
  5. Grand Adventure
  6. Staring at the Embers
  7. Wait and See
  8. I Only Want to Know
  9. Growing Pains
  10. Through the Years


After the release of Split Enz’s 1982 album Time and Tide, Tim Finn decided to give the band a break after 10 years. Younger brother Neil Finn worked on some demos for the upcoming Split Enz album, while percussionist Noel Crombie released the single My Voice Keeps Changing On Me.

It was Tim’s intention to take the time to work on some of the new songs that he wanted to release, but felt were not Enz material. On the radio documentary, Enzology, Tim says that he tried some of the songs out with the band (he names Fraction Too Much Friction), but it just wasn’t working.