Track Listing

  1. Songline
  2. I’ll Never Know
  3. What You’ve Done
  4. Sawdust & Splinters
  5. Party Was You
  6. Incognito In California
  7. Say It Is So
  8. Subway Dreaming
  9. Dead Man
  10. Waiting For Your Moment
  11. Commonplace


After the release of Say It Is So Finn felt that he wanted to try something a bit “friskier” and more energetic. In the Frenz of the Enz released book Letters to My Frenz Finn stated that he wasn’t completely happy with the songs he had written for the album, so he borrowed former Split Enz bandmate Phil Judd’s song Incognito in California.

After Judd left Split Enz in 1977, Mushroom Records boss Michael Gudinski paid him to live in the English countryside and demo songs. Tim Finn caught wind of this and paid Judd a visit inviting him to rejoin Split Enz. Incognito in California was one of the songs Finn was reportedly smitten by when he went to visit Judd.