Track Listing


  1. I See Red – Split Enz
  2. My Mistake – Split Enz
  3. Poor Boy – Split Enz
  4. Six Months In A Leaky Boat – Split Enz
  5. I Hope I Never – Split Enz
  6. Dirty Creature – Split Enz
  7. Maybe – Split Enz
  8. Stuff And Nonsense – Tim Finn & Missy Higgins
  9. Fraction Too Much Friction
  10. Made My Day
  11. So Deep (new version)
  12. How’m I Gonna Sleep
  13. Not Even Close
  14. Many’s The Time – ALT
  15. Persuasion
  16. Into The Water – The Finn Brothers
  17. Nothing Unusual (New Song)


  1. Weather With You – The Finn Brothers & Liam Finn
  2. How Will You Go (New Version)
  3. It’s Only Natural – Tim Finn & Bic Runga
  4. Underwater Mountain
  5. Dead Man
  6. What You’ve Done
  7. Subway Dreaming
  8. Angels Heap – The Finn Brothers
  9. Disembodied Voices – The Finn Brothers
  10. Luckiest Man Alive – The Finn Brothers
  11. Winter Light
  12. Couldn’t Be Done
  13. Astounding Moon
  14. Straw To Gold
  15. Out Of This World
  16. The Saw And The Tree
  17. Light Years Away (New Song)


North, South, East, West…Anthology is the first solo compilation album to be released by New Zealand singer and songwriter Tim Finn. It was released in 2009 and the two-disc anthology features songs from Finn’s solo career, his time with Split Enz, Crowded House and the Finn Brothers.

The idea for releasing a collection of Tim’s songs originally came from John O’Donnell, the head of EMI Australia at the time. According to Finn, “It was his baby. He likes my work and it was his suggestion that we create an anthology. I liked the idea that it would take from all parts, starting with Split Enz and I only realised after the title was chosen that there are four parts to my career: the Enz work and Crowded House, the Finn Brothers material and of course my solo work. So that’s kind of neat, yeah, the musical north, south, east and west.”

There is a new song included on each of the two discs, and many of the older songs were actually rerecorded especially for the album. This collection does not signal the end of Tim’s career as he plans on releasing upcoming albums in the future but it forms a great compilation of his body of work to date.